Earthquake results

The 2009 earthquake almost completely destroyed the Medicean Tower; It remains standing a big fragment of wall of varying height. The tower was subjected to an intervention of safety measures: removal of wall portions in danger of collapse, protection of the remaining part not collapsed and realization of a safety structure, made with joint tube, through which the original skyline of the tower immediately revived. The collapsing material was retrieved and stored, both the loose stones and the worked blocks, brackets and doors and windows intradoses.
The restoration works will last about two years. The final project drawn up by the University Department of Engineering, coordinated by Professor Dante Galeota, will give its tower, originally 20 meters tall, back to the whole village.

Other buildings in the city centre have been damaged, but overall, we can state that Santo Stefano di Sessanio is a virtuous model of cultural and building restoration thanks to a “wise and modern renovation” as the geologist Mario Tozzi says.