Tourist development after the 90’s

The depopulation, demographic collapse and the almost total disappearance of the young and productive age groups were the decisive causes for the abandonment and degradation of the village.

In the mid-1970s the last coffee shop shut down and walking through the streets of the city centre was both difficult and very dangerous because of the risk of a possible collapse.

From 1975 onwards, a policy of enhancing the historical and environmental heritage, reusing municipal building assets no longer occupied, was implemented. It was also favoured the increase of the public interest on buildings with particular historical-architectural value, together with a requalification of the public spaces in the village centre.

The revival of the village has, therefore, occurred during the last decades thanks to the local authorities efforts aimed to re-qualify and enhance the territory, and to some private individuals who started substantial renovation programs, investing in safety and respecting the village peculiarities.
Today tourism is one of Santo Stefano di Sessanio’s main resources thanks to the organization, efficiency and careful political actions which all contribute to the tourism industry of this little village.