Pick & Trip

La Casa Su Le Dimore del Borgo as well as being equipped with a large courtyard, can boast a green area with typical trees and rocks and a large picnic area with benches, chairs, rocking chairs and barbecue area for the lovers of the open air.

Already perfectly integrated into one of the “most beautiful villages in Italy”, La Casa Su was able to combine the respect for such an important historical and architectural heritage with a careful and well planned intervention strategy to make actual and enjoyable its touristic proposal.

For walks and excursions La Casa Su offers skis, snowshoes, mountain bike and electric bikes rental, this last very useful for their paths and routes less demanding from the physical point of view, giving thus the opportunity to access to new spectacular surroundings.

We have maps for your excursions

A specific area of the Casa Su, the Bike House, is dedicated to guests temporary parking while arriving and departing for the excursions; Here you can find brochures (information) about the structure, its logistics in order to easily identify the tourist routes conceived with local guides, as well as autonomously, thanks to the GPS supply.

L'anello che congiunge Santo Stefano di sessanio a Castel del Monte
The route that join Santo Stefano di Sessanio to Castel del Monte

Guests therefore have computerized systems and georeferenced devices that allow them to have a wide choice of different paths with all the relevant details; They can also book guided tours with professionals regularly enrolled into the regional register.

At the URL www.lacasasu.com you can view our offers, easily book your stay and facilities, access to the location information, the district and possible routes with map display, all to make your stay even more exciting.

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* Tourist initiative was realized with the support granted by the Abruzzo Region for the years 2007-2013 to the "Pick & Trip" project promoted by La Casa Su Le Dimore del Borgo for the design and implementation of "new forms" of hospitality and tourism.